NETDRUID stands for difference with its unique serviceability features:

Built on a robust Linux box, NETDRUID will rarely ever fail. The fast and competent support system coupled with the short response time by its support teams makes it one of the leading communication servers of its time.

NETDRUID fully supports any redundancy solutions so as to eliminate any issues regarding fault tolerance.

NETDRUID has a unique capability to be made available for remote support.

NETDRUID can be completely handled remotely so that there is no or zero downtime.

NETDRUID provides a back up facility for policies and service definitions that is set for all services in case there is a need for fast recovery during a hard disk failure.

NETDRUID can be completely reinstalled from scratch in very less time.

NETDRUID also provide full technical support for a year from the day of commissioning and undertake AMC for same.

All updates are provided free of cost to all existing customers.

Installation of NETDRUID.

Installation of NETDRUID is very Short & Simple which can be carrying out by any layman. It will take only up to 30 mins. to complete.

NETDRUID can be installed on various types of hardware. It will support all INTEL & AMD based systems. It can be install on Desktops, Workstations, Entry level & High end servers.

NETDRUID will be more reliable and efficient as it supports all hardware & Software RAID. The advantage of NETDRUID is as it supports high memory, multi-I/O cards.